How to fit rug pads according to the rug size

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When getting a new carpet or a new rug for a room it is important that it is padded with the utmost perfection so the money spent does not go to waste. It is not only important to get a carpet padded, it is even more important to ensure it is padded in accordance to its own construction. A lot of people often opt for rugs padding on hardwood floors just for the sake of padding it, however they remain ignorant towards the fact that unless the rug pads are of the right size it will make their exquisite rug look inexpensive and out of place and shape.

The right way of fitting felt rug pads

Buy both together234234

Therefore in order to get the right rug pads according to the rug size it is essential you buy the two together. This way you get the right size of the pad along with the rug and it deprives you of the added hassle of coming back later to get it. If this is what the client does, then they get the accurate size of the rug pad and have absolutely nothing to worry about. However if they did not purchase both the items together then they will most definitely have to go get it later, it is best to either take the rug along or if not they can measure its length and width and get it then. However this may also be a very tricky thing to do, because often the measurements one takes on their own are not accurate enough. They may end up with a pad a size too small or too large.

Get them online

Rug pads for hardwood floors can also be shopped for online, the measurements are updated and the product of their choice arrives at home. This may also have the trouble of size accuracy and quality accuracy because the product was not checked at your end before being purchased.

Bring it home324

If someone has not bought the pad along with their rugs and are too paranoid about getting a pad based on the measurements they took themselves then it is perhaps easiest for them to get a much larger pad and get it fitted to their rug and floor at home. This is almost like purchasing both the things together. They can get the right fitting of the right pad size right at home. Therefore it is very important to value the size and fitting of a rug pad as it is these things that compliment and help the rug stand out in a room. A size too small may still make the rug slippery and a size too large will make it look hideous. The right size compliments it in elegance, in comfort, prolonged use and in the rug and floor protection.


Choose the Perfect Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

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All the rugs should have a rug pad especially when they are being used on hardwood flooring as they prevent the floors from getting damaged and also help in prolonging the life of the rugs. You will be able to save money if it is invested on purchasing the right kind of rug pads in order to maintain the floors as well as the beauty of the expensive rugs. The rugs that you are planning to get online or through stores will often to mostly require a rug padding that fits their size and is made up of the right materials.234

There is a wide range of rug pads available for you to choose from but you have to decide which one is suitable according to the flooring of your house. The following are the different types of rug pads available for sale:-

• Premium-lock •

Superior-lock •


•Eco-solid • Eco-fiber •

Eco-comfort •

Econo-lock Natural

These types are made in the US and are available with a warranty of twenty years. They are used for all flooring types including tiles, hardwood flooring, laminated floors, heated floors, marbled floors along with floors that have a stone, concrete and polyurethane finish (water and oil based). There are three different options available for hardwood flooring including the following:-

• Natural rubber and felt rug pad

•Natural rubber •

100% felt rug pad

The ones mentioned above are highly recommended for hard wood flooring. Plastic rug pads should not be used for vinyl, lacquered or acrylic floors. Felt rug pads are the most popular and are widely being used for large rugs on the floor as they are denser and thicker than the traditional slippery and cheap rug pads available in the market.

If you compare the costs of repairing the hardwood flooring with getting rug pads to place them under the rugs; the more convenient option is to get new rug pads. This would cater to a less expensive offer and a beneficial one for the maintenance of house. Choosing the perfect matting for your house and the way it is designed can only be possible if you know the types of rug pads that are available and also the materials that are used in the process of their production.

Invisi-Hold and Dura-Grip are great pads which should be used on hardwood flooring while placing heavy furniture on the floor because they prevent dents and scratches. These pads have natural rubber on the outer surface and contain fiber in the center to keep them thick and dense in order to keep the furniture firm and in its place. They prevent the furniture from sliding or slipping while being used. There is no mess of the pads as they do not stick to the floor hence preventing all damage to the floor and the rug.


Benefits of Air Circulation Felt Rug Pads

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Since the advent of mass communication and information technology, the awareness among the people regarding their health and the environmental conditions in which they live has increased tremendously. In order to cater to such a change in the consumer choice, new attributes in the existing products are being added frequently. This is done to ensure that the products do not get out of demand and their life cycle is extended as much as possible. Felt rug pads have been in existence since a long time; however, constantly they are being subject to addition of new features in them. One of the most important additions is that of air circulation felt rug pads. Few of the benefits of the air circulation felt rug pads are given as follows:234234


1) Rugs often emit chemicals and odors into the environment. By being less aerated, they tend to accumulate substantial moisturizer, which makes them highly susceptible to growth of microorganisms/bacteria. This makes the environment highly allergy prone as allergens tend to grow exponentially under the humid conditions. If the rug is being accompanied by felt rug pad that enables air circulation, this problem can be solved easily. Felt rug pads that ensure air circulation discourage the retention of moisture underneath them, which consequently reduces the growth of the microorganisms and the environment becomes much more hypoallergenic.

2) Another advantage of the air circulation felt rug pads is that they will be protecting the floor. This is because the rug pads that facilitate air circulation will be resistant to moisture. Rug pads that do not have air circulation system tend to accumulate the moisture which in turn damages the floor and its varnish withers away. Rug pads that have air circulation tend to remain dry due to which moisture is not retained and the flooring does not get damaged.4324

3) Moreover, air circulation in the felt rug pads has the advantage of being free from allergens. Air does not get trapped within them and is frequently being replaced with the fresh air. In this ways allergens in the air are not trapped in the felt rug pads, rather they are being constantly pushed away by the fresh air. Rug pads often tend to accumulate the dust particles and allergens that exist in the air. When the felt rug pads facilitate the air circulation, they do not become a hub of allergens and more environmentally friendly. This air circulation property of the felt rug pads makes them a perfect choice for the rugs, as to a large extent, rugs will become hypoallergenic when they will not have the rug pads underneath them that enable air circulation. Air circulation is not just important in the house; rather it can bring massive health benefits to a family that has air circulation felt rug pads.


Earth Friendly Rug Pads

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Consumer awareness regarding the environment is increasing with each passing day. They are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of their consumption patterns on the environment at large. In order to address the issues of environmental sustainability, there is a large niche market of consumers that are demanding earth friendly products and these consumers do not mind paying a higher price for their choice. In order to target this market, earth friendly rug pads are being introduced. These rug pads entail such features that make them very friendly towards the earth.

Features of Earth Friendly Rug pads

The fundamental features of earth friendly rug pads are described as follows:

1) Earth friendly rug pads are made from organic polymer. Organic polymer synthetics are produced in the most natural way, keeping the environmental damage at the minimum. The use of organic polymer in the rug pads makes them odorless. This feature makes them highly suitable for use in the indoor environment. Moreover, the organic polymers used in the rug pads have the added feature of being non-slippery, thus making them perfectly suitable for the use.

2) Earth friendly rug pads are manufactured using the natural plant oil such as soybean oil. The use of natural plant oils in the rug pads is an environmental friendly feature. As the natural substances not only minimize the damage to the ozone layer, they also maintain the natural balance of soil in terms of minerals. Thus, making the rug pads earth friendly. Rug pads that do not use the natural plant oil have to use the petroleum-based oils. Petroleum is a non-renewable energy resource, which definitely has negative impact on depleting natural resources of the earth.

3) Due to the use of organic polymers and natural plant oils, rug pads become biodegradable. Biodegradable products are highly earth friendly, as after their disposal, they are being used in the most natural way. Products that non-biodegradable tend to emit carbon dioxide as soon as they start to decompose. The emission of carbon dioxide has some serious repercussions for the society. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas; therefore, its emission has the tendency of increasing the carbon dioxide content of the air. High level of carbon dioxide in the air will increase the temperature and this will lead to global warming. World over, environmental protection agencies are strongly advocating to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide into the environment. The biodegradable feature of the rug pads is surely an earth friendly choice. These rug pads decompose without damaging the natural environment.

The demand for the earth friendly rug pads is increasing day by day. In order to make the earth a better place for the future generations, earth friendly rug pads is no doubt a smart choice.


Felt Rug Pads-Greener Environment

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Consumer awareness for a greener environment is increasing day by day. The purchase decisions are greatly driven by the concerns of a healthier environment. They prefer to buy products that are more environmentally friendly and are 100% safe to use in their homes. In order to keep up to the expectations of the customers and to address their concerns regarding the environment, earth friendly felt rug pads are being introduced.342

How Felt rug pads compliment the environment?

Made of recycled material

Earth friendly rug pads are completely made from  recycled material. The material that is wasted in the carpet manufacturing is used to make the felt rug pads. Therefore, instead of wasting the unused material completely, they are used to manufacture a perfect companion of rugs i.e. rug pads. By being made from recycled material, felt rug pads help to prevent the wastage of resources and add to the environment sustainability of the globe.


The felt rug pads are made from natural fibers. The natural fibers are a great way to sustain the environment. The synthetic material, a complete opposite of the natural fibers, is very often used in the carpet manufacturing industry. This is because synthetic materials are cheaper and can be used in bulk production. However, they have some serious repercussions for the environment. Synthetic fibers are not biodegradable and make substantial additions to the carbon emissions in the natural environment. Furthermore, they also add up to the waste. This leads towards the distortion of the natural habitat. In order to address these issues, more earth friendly felt rug pads came to into existence. These felt rug pads use the natural fiber, which are biodegradable, as well as they are renewable and are completely carbon neutral. All these features are an ideal towards creating a sustainable and greener environment via felt rug pads.


By being completely biodegradable, it implies that felt rug pads can be disposed off safely in the environment and they will be decomposed in the most natural way. As soon as the felt rug pads are not in a proper condition for further use, they can be discarded into the environment, and the user will not have to worry about whether the decomposition of the felt rug pads will create a problem for the environment. This will help in creating a greener environment. Furthermore, the by completely neutralizing the carbon emission, it implies that felt rug pads is a safer choice towards decreasing global warming. By limiting carbon emissions, world climate could be made much more balanced and the natural habitat of the world could be preserved.

These are the various ways in which the felt rug pads are leading towards a greener environment.


Customize your Felt Rug Pads According to your Floor Type

The purpose of getting your rugs padded is to ensure that they last longer as they continue to provide you with the comfort and safety that is needed. They help in preventing rugs from slipping under your feet when walking on an otherwise hardwood or marble floor. Therefore when keeping in view the safety and comfort of yourself and your family, it is best to ensure that the padding purchased for your rugs is in fact particularly designed for you. Though it may sound completely unnecessary if you can find the right size and the right kind of felt rug pad without having to go through the trouble of getting it custom made, the trouble is quite worth it.

Why Custom Made Felt rug pads?

There is a reason why getting custom made felt rug pads will help the buyer; the specifications of the required item can be informed to the company to ensure that once the padding is being used in the house it not only fits perfectly but in turn provides the best possible results. Getting felt rug pads according to their own measurements as compared to just buying it off the market can prove beneficial;

  1. a) If you own a rug that does not seem to have a shape rugs commonly do, you will hardly find a rug pad in that shape or in that size. Therefore if you end up buying just any other pad it may not give your rug the boast it needs, it may peek out from the edges completely annihilating the originality of the rug and making it rather uncomfortable than otherwise. Hence getting a custom made felt rug pad rids you of this trouble. You end up with a padding that particularly follows the size and shape specifications of your rug. It fits the dimensions of the rug perfectly.
  2. b) Not a lot of people know that felt rug pads come floor type specified as well, there is a certain kind of them made for carpeted floors and another type made for hardwood and marble floors. In buying a rug pad off the market it becomes quite difficult to get the shape and size you want with the floor specified quality and often buyers end up compromising one thing in light of another. However if it is being bought under customized directions then the felt rug pad is made out of the floor specified material you need.
  3. c) Lastly and most importantly it is not at all difficult to get yourself a felt rug pad; you just need to know the dimensions of your rug, the length, the width and the shape. This can be ordered online and will find you right on your doorstep so you can pad your rug today and get the comfort of choice.


How are Felt Rug Pads Environmentally Friendly

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Rug pads are today classified as common household items. The advantages of using felt rug pads are manifold.


In Homes

Felt rug padding offers households numerous benefits. It ensures the longevity of the rug and protects it from wear and tear, as well as preventing the carpet fibers from being crushed or pulled. Furthermore it makes the task of vacuuming easier and ensures cleanliness by preventing stains and scratches from marring the carpeting or the floor.


In The Environment231

In addition, felt padding is an eco-friendly textile and therefore does not pose any threat to the environment. Felt is made from natural fibers matted, condensed and pressed together, forming a dense, continuous material. These natural fibers are derived from a sustainable natural source—wool—making it fully biodegradable. In other words, felt and felt products are broken down into their natural compounds by the action of bacteria or other biological means, if left out in the open. Thus they are easily able to be disposed as waste without causing an adverse impact to the environment.

Elements used in Felt Construction

Wool is the basic raw material involved in felt production. Being natural, it is far superior to artificial, synthetic fibers. Different types of wool have different qualities, reflecting the types of environment to which various breeds of sheep have acclimatized. It is especially well suited to felt construction. Wool is a fiber that mats easily. There is an inherent sturdiness and resilience to wool, and the layout of its fibers gives it a natural elasticity and flexibility. This makes it durable, and the resulting felt is therefore tough and long-lasting.

A synthetic fiber is also typically used in addition to wool, to enhance the element of resilience. Polyester and nylon are two common synthetics used in felt production. By themselves, they cannot be turned into felt but paired with wool, they can be felted. In addition, steam, soda ash and sulfuric acid are utilized in various stages of felting.123123

A Growing Demand for Felt

Being a highly resourceful and durable material, there is an ever-growing demand for felt in different industries. The emphasis on eco-friendly products and raw materials has placed felt in high preference by many companies. Rug padding companies are marketing felt rug padding made from dense, tightly woven fibers, which offer extra protection and cushioning for household rugs. In addition, such rug pads are odor-free and non-toxic. Thus these rug pads are fully safe and reliable for home usage, and also adhere to the set quality control standards.

In conclusion, felt rugs pads are environmentally products being produced entirely from natural and eco-friendly raw materials. They are resultantly durable and strong and, most importantly, are biodegradable. In other words, these products pose no harm to the atmosphere and the surroundings.


Benefits of Jute Rug Pads

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Natural jute rug pads are made from hair of horses along with a plant fiber called jute which is mostly used in making ropes. The biggest benefit of Jute rug padding is that it is made of recycling materials that are shaped and made resistant; it has no smell and is non-allergenic. Most importantly jute rug pads are safe for all kind of floors. Following are a number of added benefits of Jute rug pads:

Natural and Safe

Unlike common plastic pads, jute rug pads possess a natural higher quality of their composed components without plastics, adhesives, or even chemicals which makes using them between the rug and the floor safe.

Extend the Rug and Floor Life

Jute rug pads used under any area rug play the key role of a defensive barrier between both the floor and the rug. This kind of rug pad basically withstands any heaviness and stress ensuring that neither the rug nor the floor is being affected.

Comfort and protection345

Most people prefer comfort and easiness on their flooring. The area rug or the carpet itself may not be dense enough and so we feel the floors hardness. If the rug or the carpet is of a thin quality and not as comfortable, then a thick pad will give that extra comfort which you have desire. Also, when it comes to safety and protection of the floor and the rug, jute rug pads avoid you from slipping on the floors and provide a safe area for you to walk on.

Noise controlling

Many jute rug pads works as a noise reduction or controlling rug pad. Dense jute rug pads are used so they absorb the impact that will most likely create noise if it hits the floor. In other words, not even the footsteps will reach the floor.

Insulation against Cold Floors43534

In cold seasons, few floors feel cold making the room chilly as well. Jute rug pads have the thermal attributes that insulate against coldness. If you are using jute rug pads under rugs or carpets then rest assured your room would be prevented from growing coldness from the floor. The thicker the jute rug pad or the greater its density, the greater is the insulation. A 40-ounce dense pad is one that is mostly preferred especially for people living in a place where the climates are an extreme. To conclude, if one intends to buy a new area rug, then they must ensure they select the right felt rug pad for it too. However, if there is already a rug which is without a rug pad, then it is better to get the felt rug pad for it first. This little investment can result in extended safety, condition and protection of your rug.


Hide the Unevenness of your Floor with Felt Rug Pads

Sometimes over the years of usage or sometimes right after the construction, floors tend to become a little uneven and thus feel strange to walk on. This is a problem a lot of people face, especially if they have a hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are very delicate and can become uneven even after a water spill. No hard material does well to them even if that material is shoes. Sometimes even by the pressure of walking, floors get pressed down from certain areas and not from others thus making it uneven. These problems can even rise with marbled floors that tend to be uneven right after construction, or tiled floors that have depressions on all four corners. These uneven alterations in the floor cannot be prevented by placing a rug on top of it; rather the unevenness of the floor finds its way to the rug and re-shapes it as well. Therefore it is essential to know a few cheats and tricks to hide and conceal the unevenness of your floors not just to the eyes but also to the feet.435345

Felt rug pads hides the flaws of your floors

Using a felt rug pad to either avoid that or to hide that can be very helpful. Not only does it hide the pressured down areas of the floor but also cushions them ensuring no further pressure is placed on them. These dense felt rug pads form such a thick laminated layer on top of the floor itself that the pressure being applied from the other end does not find its way down to the actual floor and thus keeps it even or at least maintains it. While getting a felt rug pad to avoid such a problem there are certain things that need to be kept in mind starting with the density of the pad. The more solid or the denser the pad will be the more protective it will be towards handling the pressure coming its way. Such a pad resists all forms of stress and pressure and maintains the even shape of the floor for the eyes and the feet.4235442

If the pad you have chosen is not the right one for your floor, peculiar lin es will start appearing at the edges of it thus the choice to be made must be a smart one. Only a felt fug pad that has a certain degree of resistance in itself will be able to resist all blows of stress, pressure and liquid ensuring that the uniformity is maintained throughout. Therefore the use of an effective, dense and solid felt rug pad can rid you of this problem and have your floor looking uniform and retaining its evenness against all odds of pressure, stress and water related accidents.


Customizable Features of Felt Rug Pads

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Customizable features of felt rug pads

42342If you are willing to pad a rug or a carpet in your living room and have certain distinct ideas of how it should be padded then you can get all those in the shape of a customized felt rug pad. A lot of people are unaware of this option available for them and have to compromise on one thing over the other. However you can get a customized felt rug pad; one that distinctly has all the features you want it to have. All you have to do is identify the features you need, before you head out into the market.

Features Noise reduction, protection, customized, comfort, ease and warmth

A single felt rug pad may offer brilliant cushioning but may not serve your purpose of reducing noise, where it may promise less noise it may not hide the flaws in your floor rather make them prominent. Sometimes you may get the felt rug pad you want but not in the size you want and above all sometimes you may require something with a tighter grip to the floor without harming it. Now you can get all these features in a felt rug pad of choice. If you have a rough, a fair or an exact idea of the measurements of your rug you can then go and get it made in the size you need it in instead of having to compromise on the size. More so you can get this felt rug pad in the material you need. If you need it to hide away a patch or a depression in your hardwood floor or tiled floor you can get it in its thickest form. This can be as large or as small as you want depending on if you want to pad a rug or the entire room. If you also want it to reduce the creaks from your floor along with it hiding the flaws in your floor and are the size you want it to be you can get it in the density you need. You can specify your need to get a felt rug pad that is dense enough with a fiber network in its composition which resists pressure and stress; this will give you the added bonus of getting a very comfortable padding.423

If you have kids in the house and you fear you cannot trust a normal rug pad to protect them from slipping and getting hurt, you can get t felt rug pad that has a super lock formula and locks itself with the floor reducing all incidents of slipping and falling. Most importantly this lock formula is such that it does not destroy the floor or the rug.

Thus if you have certain needs and particular features in mind for your felt rug pad you do not need to compromise on any of them and get one with customized features.