Earth Friendly Rug Pads

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Consumer awareness regarding the environment is increasing with each passing day. They are becoming more and more concerned about the effects of their consumption patterns on the environment at large. In order to address the issues of environmental sustainability, there is a large niche market of consumers that are demanding earth friendly products and these consumers do not mind paying a higher price for their choice. In order to target this market, earth friendly rug pads are being introduced. These rug pads entail such features that make them very friendly towards the earth.

Features of Earth Friendly Rug pads

The fundamental features of earth friendly rug pads are described as follows:

1) Earth friendly rug pads are made from organic polymer. Organic polymer synthetics are produced in the most natural way, keeping the environmental damage at the minimum. The use of organic polymer in the rug pads makes them odorless. This feature makes them highly suitable for use in the indoor environment. Moreover, the organic polymers used in the rug pads have the added feature of being non-slippery, thus making them perfectly suitable for the use.

2) Earth friendly rug pads are manufactured using the natural plant oil such as soybean oil. The use of natural plant oils in the rug pads is an environmental friendly feature. As the natural substances not only minimize the damage to the ozone layer, they also maintain the natural balance of soil in terms of minerals. Thus, making the rug pads earth friendly. Rug pads that do not use the natural plant oil have to use the petroleum-based oils. Petroleum is a non-renewable energy resource, which definitely has negative impact on depleting natural resources of the earth.

3) Due to the use of organic polymers and natural plant oils, rug pads become biodegradable. Biodegradable products are highly earth friendly, as after their disposal, they are being used in the most natural way. Products that non-biodegradable tend to emit carbon dioxide as soon as they start to decompose. The emission of carbon dioxide has some serious repercussions for the society. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas; therefore, its emission has the tendency of increasing the carbon dioxide content of the air. High level of carbon dioxide in the air will increase the temperature and this will lead to global warming. World over, environmental protection agencies are strongly advocating to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide into the environment. The biodegradable feature of the rug pads is surely an earth friendly choice. These rug pads decompose without damaging the natural environment.

The demand for the earth friendly rug pads is increasing day by day. In order to make the earth a better place for the future generations, earth friendly rug pads is no doubt a smart choice.


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