Benefits of Jute Rug Pads

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Natural jute rug pads are made from hair of horses along with a plant fiber called jute which is mostly used in making ropes. The biggest benefit of Jute rug padding is that it is made of recycling materials that are shaped and made resistant; it has no smell and is non-allergenic. Most importantly jute rug pads are safe for all kind of floors. Following are a number of added benefits of Jute rug pads:

Natural and Safe

Unlike common plastic pads, jute rug pads possess a natural higher quality of their composed components without plastics, adhesives, or even chemicals which makes using them between the rug and the floor safe.

Extend the Rug and Floor Life

Jute rug pads used under any area rug play the key role of a defensive barrier between both the floor and the rug. This kind of rug pad basically withstands any heaviness and stress ensuring that neither the rug nor the floor is being affected.

Comfort and protection345

Most people prefer comfort and easiness on their flooring. The area rug or the carpet itself may not be dense enough and so we feel the floors hardness. If the rug or the carpet is of a thin quality and not as comfortable, then a thick pad will give that extra comfort which you have desire. Also, when it comes to safety and protection of the floor and the rug, jute rug pads avoid you from slipping on the floors and provide a safe area for you to walk on.

Noise controlling

Many jute rug pads works as a noise reduction or controlling rug pad. Dense jute rug pads are used so they absorb the impact that will most likely create noise if it hits the floor. In other words, not even the footsteps will reach the floor.

Insulation against Cold Floors43534

In cold seasons, few floors feel cold making the room chilly as well. Jute rug pads have the thermal attributes that insulate against coldness. If you are using jute rug pads under rugs or carpets then rest assured your room would be prevented from growing coldness from the floor. The thicker the jute rug pad or the greater its density, the greater is the insulation. A 40-ounce dense pad is one that is mostly preferred especially for people living in a place where the climates are an extreme. To conclude, if one intends to buy a new area rug, then they must ensure they select the right felt rug pad for it too. However, if there is already a rug which is without a rug pad, then it is better to get the felt rug pad for it first. This little investment can result in extended safety, condition and protection of your rug.


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