How to Wash Felt Rug Pads

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How to wash felt rug pads

Felt rug pads make a person’s living comfortable by adding the comfort and warmth that is needed to the floors of their house. Which is why it is absolutely essential that their cleaning and maintenance does not go ignored. Felt rug pads are solid enough to not need cleaning for the first many years of their use. It is during this time that their regular menial cleaning becomes the responsibility of the people living and using its comfort. The concept of “washing” felt rug pads should be completely ignored rather understood as “cleaning.” Amongst the damage that is done to felt rug pads the very main two are either it is essentially dusty or has major water or some other liquid spill on it. Neither of these problems need to be ignored, in fact they can be taken care of immediately without a lot of trouble.

Dry cleaning

If your felt rug pad feels and looks dusty it probably means it needs to be thoroughly dusted or vacuumed before the dust begins to settle on the floor. This can easily be done by simply vacuuming the felt rug pad. The best way to ensure that no dust particle has settled and found its way down to the floor it is essential that the cleaning is thorough. This can be done so by taking the rug and the felt rug pad outside and vacuuming it as it lies on the floor upside down. This removes or at least brings to surface the particles that had found their way down; the same is to be repeated with the felt rug pad. Both of these items are then placed on the floor with the original side up and vacuumed again. This way it can be ensured that no particle is now lurking at the bottom and may find its way to damage the floor. The rug and the pad are thoroughly swept clean.

Wet cleaning12

In cases of a water or liquid spill it is again quite simple to clean the felt rug pad. Due to its composition it immediately exposes the affected area which can be treated using a sponge. The sponge absorbs the water and the patch can be dried using a vacuum or a fan. Either way the felt rug pad is made completely clean. However if several years down the road you are just not content with vacuuming or sponging it and you want to get it washed from somewhere it is best to replace the pad instead of washing it. This is because the life of the pad perhaps has already finished and it is far more expensive to wash the pad than get a newer one.


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