How to fit rug pads according to the rug size

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When getting a new carpet or a new rug for a room it is important that it is padded with the utmost perfection so the money spent does not go to waste. It is not only important to get a carpet padded, it is even more important to ensure it is padded in accordance to its own construction. A lot of people often opt for rugs padding on hardwood floors just for the sake of padding it, however they remain ignorant towards the fact that unless the rug pads are of the right size it will make their exquisite rug look inexpensive and out of place and shape.

The right way of fitting felt rug pads

Buy both together234234

Therefore in order to get the right rug pads according to the rug size it is essential you buy the two together. This way you get the right size of the pad along with the rug and it deprives you of the added hassle of coming back later to get it. If this is what the client does, then they get the accurate size of the rug pad and have absolutely nothing to worry about. However if they did not purchase both the items together then they will most definitely have to go get it later, it is best to either take the rug along or if not they can measure its length and width and get it then. However this may also be a very tricky thing to do, because often the measurements one takes on their own are not accurate enough. They may end up with a pad a size too small or too large.

Get them online

Rug pads for hardwood floors can also be shopped for online, the measurements are updated and the product of their choice arrives at home. This may also have the trouble of size accuracy and quality accuracy because the product was not checked at your end before being purchased.

Bring it home324

If someone has not bought the pad along with their rugs and are too paranoid about getting a pad based on the measurements they took themselves then it is perhaps easiest for them to get a much larger pad and get it fitted to their rug and floor at home. This is almost like purchasing both the things together. They can get the right fitting of the right pad size right at home. Therefore it is very important to value the size and fitting of a rug pad as it is these things that compliment and help the rug stand out in a room. A size too small may still make the rug slippery and a size too large will make it look hideous. The right size compliments it in elegance, in comfort, prolonged use and in the rug and floor protection.


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