How are Felt Rug Pads Environmentally Friendly

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Rug pads are today classified as common household items. The advantages of using felt rug pads are manifold.


In Homes

Felt rug padding offers households numerous benefits. It ensures the longevity of the rug and protects it from wear and tear, as well as preventing the carpet fibers from being crushed or pulled. Furthermore it makes the task of vacuuming easier and ensures cleanliness by preventing stains and scratches from marring the carpeting or the floor.


In The Environment231

In addition, felt padding is an eco-friendly textile and therefore does not pose any threat to the environment. Felt is made from natural fibers matted, condensed and pressed together, forming a dense, continuous material. These natural fibers are derived from a sustainable natural source┬Śwool┬Śmaking it fully biodegradable. In other words, felt and felt products are broken down into their natural compounds by the action of bacteria or other biological means, if left out in the open. Thus they are easily able to be disposed as waste without causing an adverse impact to the environment.

Elements used in Felt Construction

Wool is the basic raw material involved in felt production. Being natural, it is far superior to artificial, synthetic fibers. Different types of wool have different qualities, reflecting the types of environment to which various breeds of sheep have acclimatized. It is especially well suited to felt construction. Wool is a fiber that mats easily. There is an inherent sturdiness and resilience to wool, and the layout of its fibers gives it a natural elasticity and flexibility. This makes it durable, and the resulting felt is therefore tough and long-lasting.

A synthetic fiber is also typically used in addition to wool, to enhance the element of resilience. Polyester and nylon are two common synthetics used in felt production. By themselves, they cannot be turned into felt but paired with wool, they can be felted. In addition, steam, soda ash and sulfuric acid are utilized in various stages of felting.123123

A Growing Demand for Felt

Being a highly resourceful and durable material, there is an ever-growing demand for felt in different industries. The emphasis on eco-friendly products and raw materials has placed felt in high preference by many companies. Rug padding companies are marketing felt rug padding made from dense, tightly woven fibers, which offer extra protection and cushioning for household rugs. In addition, such rug pads are odor-free and non-toxic. Thus these rug pads are fully safe and reliable for home usage, and also adhere to the set quality control standards.

In conclusion, felt rugs pads are environmentally products being produced entirely from natural and eco-friendly raw materials. They are resultantly durable and strong and, most importantly, are biodegradable. In other words, these products pose no harm to the atmosphere and the surroundings.


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