Felt Rug Pads-Greener Environment

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Consumer awareness for a greener environment is increasing day by day. The purchase decisions are greatly driven by the concerns of a healthier environment. They prefer to buy products that are more environmentally friendly and are 100% safe to use in their homes. In order to keep up to the expectations of the customers and to address their concerns regarding the environment, earth friendly felt rug pads are being introduced.342

How Felt rug pads compliment the environment?

Made of recycled material

Earth friendly rug pads are completely made fromĀ  recycled material. The material that is wasted in the carpet manufacturing is used to make the felt rug pads. Therefore, instead of wasting the unused material completely, they are used to manufacture a perfect companion of rugs i.e. rug pads. By being made from recycled material, felt rug pads help to prevent the wastage of resources and add to the environment sustainability of the globe.


The felt rug pads are made from natural fibers. The natural fibers are a great way to sustain the environment. The synthetic material, a complete opposite of the natural fibers, is very often used in the carpet manufacturing industry. This is because synthetic materials are cheaper and can be used in bulk production. However, they have some serious repercussions for the environment. Synthetic fibers are not biodegradable and make substantial additions to the carbon emissions in the natural environment. Furthermore, they also add up to the waste. This leads towards the distortion of the natural habitat. In order to address these issues, more earth friendly felt rug pads came to into existence. These felt rug pads use the natural fiber, which are biodegradable, as well as they are renewable and are completely carbon neutral. All these features are an ideal towards creating a sustainable and greener environment via felt rug pads.


By being completely biodegradable, it implies that felt rug pads can be disposed off safely in the environment and they will be decomposed in the most natural way. As soon as the felt rug pads are not in a proper condition for further use, they can be discarded into the environment, and the user will not have to worry about whether the decomposition of the felt rug pads will create a problem for the environment. This will help in creating a greener environment. Furthermore, the by completely neutralizing the carbon emission, it implies that felt rug pads is a safer choice towards decreasing global warming. By limiting carbon emissions, world climate could be made much more balanced and the natural habitat of the world could be preserved.

These are the various ways in which the felt rug pads are leading towards a greener environment.


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