Customize your Felt Rug Pads According to your Floor Type

The purpose of getting your rugs padded is to ensure that they last longer as they continue to provide you with the comfort and safety that is needed. They help in preventing rugs from slipping under your feet when walking on an otherwise hardwood or marble floor. Therefore when keeping in view the safety and comfort of yourself and your family, it is best to ensure that the padding purchased for your rugs is in fact particularly designed for you. Though it may sound completely unnecessary if you can find the right size and the right kind of felt rug pad without having to go through the trouble of getting it custom made, the trouble is quite worth it.

Why Custom Made Felt rug pads?

There is a reason why getting custom made felt rug pads will help the buyer; the specifications of the required item can be informed to the company to ensure that once the padding is being used in the house it not only fits perfectly but in turn provides the best possible results. Getting felt rug pads according to their own measurements as compared to just buying it off the market can prove beneficial;

  1. a) If you own a rug that does not seem to have a shape rugs commonly do, you will hardly find a rug pad in that shape or in that size. Therefore if you end up buying just any other pad it may not give your rug the boast it needs, it may peek out from the edges completely annihilating the originality of the rug and making it rather uncomfortable than otherwise. Hence getting a custom made felt rug pad rids you of this trouble. You end up with a padding that particularly follows the size and shape specifications of your rug. It fits the dimensions of the rug perfectly.
  2. b) Not a lot of people know that felt rug pads come floor type specified as well, there is a certain kind of them made for carpeted floors and another type made for hardwood and marble floors. In buying a rug pad off the market it becomes quite difficult to get the shape and size you want with the floor specified quality and often buyers end up compromising one thing in light of another. However if it is being bought under customized directions then the felt rug pad is made out of the floor specified material you need.
  3. c) Lastly and most importantly it is not at all difficult to get yourself a felt rug pad; you just need to know the dimensions of your rug, the length, the width and the shape. This can be ordered online and will find you right on your doorstep so you can pad your rug today and get the comfort of choice.


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