Choose the Perfect Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

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All the rugs should have a rug pad especially when they are being used on hardwood flooring as they prevent the floors from getting damaged and also help in prolonging the life of the rugs. You will be able to save money if it is invested on purchasing the right kind of rug pads in order to maintain the floors as well as the beauty of the expensive rugs. The rugs that you are planning to get online or through stores will often to mostly require a rug padding that fits their size and is made up of the right materials.234

There is a wide range of rug pads available for you to choose from but you have to decide which one is suitable according to the flooring of your house. The following are the different types of rug pads available for sale:-

• Premium-lock •

Superior-lock •


•Eco-solid • Eco-fiber •

Eco-comfort •

Econo-lock Natural

These types are made in the US and are available with a warranty of twenty years. They are used for all flooring types including tiles, hardwood flooring, laminated floors, heated floors, marbled floors along with floors that have a stone, concrete and polyurethane finish (water and oil based). There are three different options available for hardwood flooring including the following:-

• Natural rubber and felt rug pad

•Natural rubber •

100% felt rug pad

The ones mentioned above are highly recommended for hard wood flooring. Plastic rug pads should not be used for vinyl, lacquered or acrylic floors. Felt rug pads are the most popular and are widely being used for large rugs on the floor as they are denser and thicker than the traditional slippery and cheap rug pads available in the market.

If you compare the costs of repairing the hardwood flooring with getting rug pads to place them under the rugs; the more convenient option is to get new rug pads. This would cater to a less expensive offer and a beneficial one for the maintenance of house. Choosing the perfect matting for your house and the way it is designed can only be possible if you know the types of rug pads that are available and also the materials that are used in the process of their production.

Invisi-Hold and Dura-Grip are great pads which should be used on hardwood flooring while placing heavy furniture on the floor because they prevent dents and scratches. These pads have natural rubber on the outer surface and contain fiber in the center to keep them thick and dense in order to keep the furniture firm and in its place. They prevent the furniture from sliding or slipping while being used. There is no mess of the pads as they do not stick to the floor hence preventing all damage to the floor and the rug.


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