Benefits of Air Circulation Felt Rug Pads

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Since the advent of mass communication and information technology, the awareness among the people regarding their health and the environmental conditions in which they live has increased tremendously. In order to cater to such a change in the consumer choice, new attributes in the existing products are being added frequently. This is done to ensure that the products do not get out of demand and their life cycle is extended as much as possible. Felt rug pads have been in existence since a long time; however, constantly they are being subject to addition of new features in them. One of the most important additions is that of air circulation felt rug pads. Few of the benefits of the air circulation felt rug pads are given as follows:234234


1) Rugs often emit chemicals and odors into the environment. By being less aerated, they tend to accumulate substantial moisturizer, which makes them highly susceptible to growth of microorganisms/bacteria. This makes the environment highly allergy prone as allergens tend to grow exponentially under the humid conditions. If the rug is being accompanied by felt rug pad that enables air circulation, this problem can be solved easily. Felt rug pads that ensure air circulation discourage the retention of moisture underneath them, which consequently reduces the growth of the microorganisms and the environment becomes much more hypoallergenic.

2) Another advantage of the air circulation felt rug pads is that they will be protecting the floor. This is because the rug pads that facilitate air circulation will be resistant to moisture. Rug pads that do not have air circulation system tend to accumulate the moisture which in turn damages the floor and its varnish withers away. Rug pads that have air circulation tend to remain dry due to which moisture is not retained and the flooring does not get damaged.4324

3) Moreover, air circulation in the felt rug pads has the advantage of being free from allergens. Air does not get trapped within them and is frequently being replaced with the fresh air. In this ways allergens in the air are not trapped in the felt rug pads, rather they are being constantly pushed away by the fresh air. Rug pads often tend to accumulate the dust particles and allergens that exist in the air. When the felt rug pads facilitate the air circulation, they do not become a hub of allergens and more environmentally friendly. This air circulation property of the felt rug pads makes them a perfect choice for the rugs, as to a large extent, rugs will become hypoallergenic when they will not have the rug pads underneath them that enable air circulation. Air circulation is not just important in the house; rather it can bring massive health benefits to a family that has air circulation felt rug pads.


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